Bellydance is a beautiful, graceful and expressive form of dance incorporating costumes, veils, wings, zills, drums and many other dance props to enhance and dramatize a performance.

Whether your intention is to take belly dance for fun, health and fitness, or to become a performer, at ShiMoves, we introduce you to the world of eastern dance.  At ShiMoves, our bellydance classes are designed for every skill level.  You learn to develop your dance skills, and gain an understanding of belly dance techniques, posturing, language, and movements, and gain confidence.

We begin with bellydance basics which provide a foundation for years to come as you gain confidence, flexibility, coordination and passion to express your inner Goddess.

In just a few years, ShiMoves has elevated Bellydance in our community and has established a foundation of dance that includes instructional classes, performances, workshops and occasional performances on Roger’s Cable TV community channel. Most recently, ShiMoves has produced a miniseries of Belly Dance features that takes our program out of the studio into the community. We call these ShiMoves Moments!