Ballet is a wonderful way for dancers to develop form and grace. ShiMoves’ beginner ballet classes to are the perfect accompaniment to your bellydance routine, and has been specifically developed to enhance the grace and skill of our belly dancers.

ShiMoves adult ballet for beginners teaches dancers the importance of maintaining correct posture from the feet up through to the top of the head. We introduce classical ballet techniques and training, step by step instructions in movement, posture, arms, hands and body alignment. Ballet is wonderful for coordination and flexibility. Many of our students find it soothing and meditative as we practice with classical music. Ballet offers you the chance to challenge yourself as you refine the movements at your own pace. It is a very effective way to tone and strengthen muscles and develop grace, poise and confidence.  We will introduce combinations and choreography as well. A typical class begins with warm up, barre work, and then moves to centre work that eventually becomes part of a choreography. We take it slow so you can gain skill through the refinement of practice.

Having taught Ballet in the Central Newfoundland region for over 20 years, Lynda eagerly shares her skills and expertise with all dancers.  She adds a special flair to our classes with her creativity and years of experience as a professional teacher.