ShiMoves (pronounced She-Moves) was founded in 2012 when Lynda and Kathryn decided to share their joy of dancing with other women in their community.

Since then they have offered classes at their studio as well as performances at special events and workshops throughout the province. Bellydance was the core of their program because they felt it was a truly feminine form of expression that allowed students to gain both confidence and fitness. Since then, the programs have grown to include hooping, skipping, adult ballet and Bellyfit.

ShiMoves programs have always focused on developing confidence and positive body awareness. Many women think that there must be one body type for dance and nothing could be farther from the truth. ShiMoves embraces all body types and styles. The essence of what we offer is movement, fitness and creativity. Our goal is to support our students in developing a healthy body image no matter their fitness level, shape or age. ShiMoves is helping our students and dancers discover their own confidence, beauty and style. We do this by having fun and exploring movement and music in a safe and effective environment for women.


In just a few years,  Bellydance in our community has established a foundation of dance that includes instructional classes, performances, workshops and an eight week community television program on Roger’s Cable TV community channel – entitled Rhythm on the River. Most recently, ShiMoves has produced a miniseries of Belly Dance features that takes our program out of the studio into the community. We call these A ShiMoves Moment!